Register for School

Thank you for choosing Maskwacîs Schools for your child(ren)’s education. Maskwacîs Education School’s Commission (MESC) has a new school registration process and you can register on School Engage here.

The new registration process will assist MESC in ensuring all  student information is up-to-date and current. MESC will have better information management through one point of data collection and improved access to information for students and parents that will lead to more effective programming and services for Maskwacîs students.

In the future, new students will be required to complete a full registration form and all parents/guardians of returning students will only have to review and update the information that they have provided to MESC.


  • Register your child on School Engage (or make an appointment at the school’s administration)
  • Complete ALL relevant sections of the School Engage form
  • Please ensure you have a birth certificate and current contact information.

Please note that the MESC school intake process will be the same as previous years. Each school within MESC will make their own decisions on student admittance. Under the new authority, MESC will keep the same transportation arrangement as previous years.

Should you have any questions regarding the student registration process, please contact the school(s) administration:

  • Ermineskin Elementary School
    P: 780-585-3760